Zhong Ce Law Firm (“our firm”), which was established in 1999, was one of directly affiliated law firms of Ministry of Justice of PRC. In 2001, our firm was restructured as a partnership firm due to the Reform of Justice System in China. 

Our firm offers legal services to top corporations in China, such as China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, State Grid Corporation of China, China National Chemical Corporation Ltd., China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Datang Corporation Ltd. Recently, our firm is assisting in legal affairs of preparing XXIV Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Combing the knowledge and experience, lawyers in our firm show high profession in solving the challenges of clients, wherever and whenever these challenges arise.
Our firm insists on putting clients first. We always stand by our clients and help them deal with legal issues in high profession and high efficiency. We are not only focusing on the present, but also preparing for better development in the future for our clients. 

  • Capital Markets & Financial Services
    Security Market, Bond Market, Banking, Insurance
  • Construction & Real Estate
    Real Estate Development, Real Estate Finance, Commercial Real Estate Investment
  • Energy, Minerals & Infrastructure
    Renewable Energy, Mining & Metals, Infrastructure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Mergers, Reorganisations, Divestitures, Strategic Investment, Stock and Asset Acquisitions
  • International Trade & Debt Collection
    Antitrust & Competition, Overseas Investment
  • Export Credit Insurance
    Legal Opinion Related to International Trade Law, Investigation Related to Authenticity of Carriage of Goods
  • Legal Consultant for Companies
    Corporate Governance Advisory, Compliance
  • Dispute Resolution
    Litigation & Arbitration of Civil and Commercial Cases, Criminal Litigations, Administrative Litigations
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